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5000 to 1 The Leicester City Story

rob tanner lcfc 5000 to 1

I’ve set this blog up as a ‘photo a day’ diary. Today is a photo a day, it’s a photo of a book cover. This one.

book cover lcfc story

As you read this page (or IF you read this page), consider this – I’m not a Leicester City fan, I’m not a big fan of football, I don’t read the Leicester Mercury and I’m not on a commission for selling this book. But.

I read a lot. This is one of very, very few books that I have picked up and read straight from cover to cover. By very, very few – that’s three.

This is a wonderful book and it grabbed me on the first page. Note to authors – if you write a ‘slow’ book, then you’re not respecting your reader.

Rob’s second paragraph hooked me, and I’m sure I’ll be okay to quote this bit –

“I am, pretty much, alone on the press bench. I have just pressed send on my final report of the season. I puff out my cheeks, look around the ground and reflect on what an incredible, almost unbelievable season it has been”. You just have to read on.

The style of the writing is tremendous. This could easily have been edited match reports, padded out to fill a book. It could easily have been a ‘gung ho’ look back at the season and editing out the grim bits.

Th book mixes the content of a blog he wrote during the season along with a bit of a review of the matches along with backgrounds on the individuals involved. You never quite know what’s coming on the next page.

If you’re not a Leicester fan, even if you’re not a football fan, even if you don’t like sport – this book is worth a read.

The two other books I’ve read cover to cover?

“Wilt” by Tom Sharpe. It’s totally mad but sadly believable.

“Boudica – Dreaming the Eagle” by Manda Scott. Tremendous author.
Page one ..”The attack came in the hour before dawn.The girl woke to the stench of burning thatch and the sound of her mother screaming”. I don’t do slow books.





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