Crowd scenes LCFC Parade

Crowd scenes LCFC Parade

clock tower LCFC parade

Today, rather than a picture a day from me, I am staggered at the kindness of Mark Hall who has allowed me to use these images he took yesterday. Please note that all these pictures, including the stadium photograph are Mark’s copyright.

Massive crowds gathered on London Road outside Victoria Park, Leicester. Notice the helicopter below Marks’!

entry to victoria park

The victory parade passing Leicester City station with its wonderful facade.

london road leicester railway station

London Road, from leicester station to Victoria Park

london road railway station

Blunts Shoes and the Premier Inn frame the parade on the end of Granby Street.

near premier inn

The Kasabian concert and presentation in Victoria Park. The pictures below show the crowd building up

victoria park filling more

victoria park filling up

victoria park full up


It had to be a Stockholm Picture

It had to be a Stockholm Picture

stockhlom panorama

Tonight is a good night to be off social media, as I need to fully concentrate on the Eurovision song contest.
This is also a good nigh to not watch the BBC.Held this year in Stockholm.

In 2010 I visited and an the half marathon. Whilst in Stockholm I took a series of pictures from the HISS. I’m sure there are more than one Hiss in Stockholm, as a Hiss is a passenger lift. This particular Hiss was an outdoor one with a viewing platform and I understand it’s not open anymore.

Previously, the packages I had for panorama stitching all struggled with these pictures, as I had taken them with a few ‘planar’ issues. The problem was that I’d taken the pictures with my camera not vertical in a few of them.

Affinity Photo on the Mac was able to pull them through with few problems.

A stunning city, that fully deserves its “Venice of the North” tag.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010

storybook wolf

In 2010 I wandered off to Snibston Museum, which used to be in North Leicesterhire. The museum was hosting the winning entries in the International Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

It was a bit distressing to see the sign above. It was also very distressing to know they were closing the museum down. It was a wonderful place with some terrific, if under-fed, exhibits.

skeleton at snibston

The image that was disqualified can be seen here – it really is a stunning photograph, regardless of the acting credentials of the wolf.



Segovia Church and Castle

Segovia Church and Castle

segovia castle near madrid

In this blog, I am trying to add a relevant page a day, hopefully of pictures taken that day. The weather was a bit grim today so time to have a glance in the archives.

These pictures have been edited a little bit (or in the case of the bottom one, a little lot with Affinity Photo). Segovia is one of those places that I really want to go back to and have a day of wandering around with my camera. A truly wonderful place.

Segovia Castle truly is one of those “I bet you never knew a building like this really existed”. It’s title is the Alcazar of Segovia and looks like it could be at home as a film set for “Snow White” or even for “Colditz”.

On a tour of the castle, the guide explained that the Kings and leaders of various parts of Spain came together to sign the pact to unite Spain as one Kingdom. It was at that meeting that they agreed on Madrid to be the new capital. The Wikipedia article has much more information on the city.

Segovia is a short bus ride from Madrid and is a truly magical city (along with Toledo and other medieval towns and cities a short bus ride from Madrid).

The picture above shows the Alcazar, filmed form on top of the Cathedral. The picture below shows the Cathedral taken from the Alcazar.

segovia cathedral


Focus by Leo Babauta

Focus by Leo Babauta

Ideas to regain control (originally published on

focus ring om1
“After a great deal of thought, I’ve had to pair back my twitter presence. Please bear with me over the next few weeks as I’ll be drifting.”

I read this from a very active twitter user, as I was loading a pdf on to my son’s Kindle – to give me the chance to read the pdf without distraction. The focus of the pdf is Focus.

Focus is an excellent free book by Leo Babauta,  the link is at the end of this blogpost.

Here’s my interpretation of the message – linked to one of my favourite hobbies – photography.

If we want crisp, sharp, efficient results – then we need to focus on the main thing.
And the main thing only. Let’s get the focus on the focus

speed setting olympus om1

But it’s oh so easy to find lots and lots of distractions on the way. So you’ve decided to write a blog post, or read a book or prepare a report. But you just have to check your email, twitter, texts and all the other stuff.

lens settings om1

Before you know it – the other stuff has multiplied. Your main task (in this case the focus of the focus) has become a ‘by the way’.
And – look, something new to play with. (Why does the voice in my head scream ‘Avoid Facebook’ just here?)


Suddenly, something new has taken over your attention. You’ve forgotten what you were working on in the first place.
Easy – let’s get an overview again so we can see where we’re supposed to be.


Now where were we?
The distractions have caused us to lose the plot.

An interesting aside – the effort to take the pictures above was probably the most focussed  I have been for a long, long time 🙂

Does this feel familiar? If so, you’re not alone.

Have a look at Leo’s website, download his book and share its ideas.