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Discussion – 


Let’s have a look at some images with a Canon 90D, 70-200mkII and a 1.4x extender Mk III

The first image is the ‘actual size’ thumbnails using Capture One 21

images for extender test

Next, the same thumbails zoomed in quite heavily. The woodpigeon is 10m, the young rabbit approx 30m, the BMX cycle track is 1.2Km and the turbines are 9km


The BMX track and turbines were taken with the camera resting on the Trig Point at Croft Hill. The other 2 images were hand held. All images were taken with the the extender in place and are all from Canon RAW files.

Looking at some of the images in Affinity Photo, which access the RAW files may show just how powerful this combination is.

The first images are from reasonably close, and the zoomed in sections in the RAW file are pretty good..

affinity image canon 1.4
affinity image canon 1.4

The next 2 images were taken from Croft Hill in South Leicestershire, supporting the camera and lens on the Trig Point. I used a UV filter, but no polarising filter.

This is the BMX cycle track at Huncote Leisure centre. Bing Maps has an Ordnance survey feature and also a distance measuring feature. This is a zoomed in image at 1,200 metres. The evening light wasn’t perfect and there were a few artefacts in the air. (Artefacts is a word photographers use for ‘stuff’. It’s one of those words like ‘undulating’ used by runners when they mean ‘hilly’).



Now we have the turbines at Low Spinney Wind Farm (these are near the M1 motorway in Leicestershire, England). The Ordnance survey map puts these at 8.9km away in a straight line
The first image shows a very heavily zoomed in part of the image RAW file. IAffinity Photo then ‘developed’ the RAW file to something workable, and you can see the effect of the ‘Haze filter’.  This is an image 8.9km distant on a slightly dull evening!


At nearly 9km the working unit or the turbine is just about visible.

Overall impression of the Canon 1.4x III extender – it’s remarkable. It does reduce your light input by a stop, takes the 2.8 lens to f4 or smaller.
It seems to have no detrimental effect on focus options or focus speed. It’s fairly lightweight. One drawback is that it will only work with the Canon EF lenses with the shorter throw (EF-S lenses will not fit).



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