School Event Photography

Safeguarding without Stigma

If only there was a way for our school sports day to have decent quality images for our parents AND we covered our safeguarding AND the parents could leave their mobiles at home AND pictures of looked after children didn’t appear on social media AND we had control of the final pictures offered AND it didn’t take our staff a load of time AND…. How much is going to cost us?

Safeguarding without stigma

We’ll provide stick on numbers for every child, in class groups.

You simply need to tell us which numbers we need to discard. No need to mark the numbers, no need to give us any children’s names.

We’ll take the pictures, then using one of the most advanced AI number recognition systems in the world, we’ll be able to segregate those images which must not be made available. You may choose to print out these images in school.

Images are then made available on line. The galleries can only be accessed by a link, which you can share with parents.
When parents reach the galleries they will then be asked for the password you will be provided.

The galleries are not accessible by search engines and are also not displayed in our existing gallery lists.

Social Media - you are in control

It’s almost impossible for a parent with a mobile to take pictures of their own children, whilst excluding other pupils from the pictures. Mobile phones are very good at getting everything sharp. Including the pupils who shouldn’t be shown.

We use lenses which allow much more precise focussing, and will crop into the individual children.

Examples of our work can be found in our ‘Race galleries’. Here’s an example gallery

But, pictures can sneak through sometimes, so – 

After we have taken the images and placed them in the on-line galleries, these galleries are only available for class staff to check through and inform us of any images we missed. Those images will then be removed from the galleries or edited.

Gallery links and passwords will be provided for distribution ONLY when the authorised person in the school allows it.

What do staff think?

“Staff felt the numbering system was very easy to manage and did not add to their already extensive workload.
We were thrilled with the high quality images that were provided and barely noticed the photographers at our sports day.
Most importantly, we felt extremely confident in the security measures in place to prevent sensitive images being uploaded.”

Paula Coplin
Deputy Headteacher
Overdale Infant School

The cost? Here's the good news

We offer images and extremely high quality prints directly to parents. We, and the school, do not have any contact with their money

Payments are processed directly with Paypal and we use one of the leading photo gallery systems in the world, along with one of the top photo labs in the UK. 

Image downloads are delivered directly to the customer’s email account and prints are delivered direct to their homes. All prints have an unconditional 14 day money back guarantee.

After 28 days, we’ll provide a report to the school of the image and print sales. We’ll deduct any direct expenses (travel and event labels) and then we’ll provide 50% of sales profits directly to the school.



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