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Cranoe Church Leicestershire

Cranoe village in South Leicestershire is tucked in between Tur Langton and Hallaton.

I’ve driven through Cranoe during the day, many times. In all those trips I’ve seen exactly zero people!

Cranoe is a tiny village. Some people describe it as a hamlet, which is not correct, as a hamlet is actually a place with no recognised place of worship.


cranoe church leicestershire

Close to the church was this wonderful example of hedge laying. I’m sure that this has a specific word, please help.

The way hedge laying works is that the ‘trunk’ of the shrub/tree/bush is nearly cut through, but a continuous piece of bark is left intact. The picture, as taken, is below.

hedge laying living bark

I’ve edited the picture to highlight the continuous piece of bark, which I assume also continues underneath. This picture also shows the new shoots growing from the higher piece of the tree.

Over years, this ‘natural fence’ has become sturdy and self protecting. Rather than requiring any paint or similar treatment it simply needs cutting back occasionally.

hedge fence




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