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Frozen Waterfalls

It seems like a long time ago, but January 2010 was one of the coldest winters England has experienced in a long, long time. There were times when satellite images were showing Great Britain as completely white and frozen solid.

Bradgate Park is one of the most ‘snapped’ parts of Leicestershire and is a favourite running base for many. The stream that starts from Newton Linford has been carefully managed over centuries and was modified to make water pools and run offs for Bradgate House, the home of Lady Jane Grey.

The effect of the stream management has been to produce some pretty, scenic waterfalls.

Here’s what that winter did to one of the waterfalls near Newton Linford.

frozen waterfall

Further south in the county, Croft Hill is a dramatic landmark and home to an enormous quarry.

A few days after taking the photograph above, I was running on Croft Hill, avoiding the sledging debris.

I noticed that the “waterfall” for the quarry was in a similar state.

water croft frozen


Mike McSharry


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