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Half marathons in the heat

market bosworth

bosworth half marathon

Today was the Bosworth Half Marathon, Possibly the toughest run I’ve done in twenty plus years of running long distances.

One reason is that this run was so hot in comparison with any runs we’d been doing in the area (Leicestershire) this year.
For a lot of runners, today was their first experience of running a long distance in hot weather.

2 weeks ago I ran the Madrid Half Marathon, which had a similar temperature for the day, approximately 23 degrees. (C).
Without any doubt, Bosworth was by far the toughest run of the two. Here are a few reasons.

Temperatures are always shown as “in shade”. Madrid had a fair bit of that, as we ran through buildings. There was almost no shade at Bosworth.
The Bosworth course is beautiful, taking in some rolling countryside and very pretty villages.

The Bosworth run was a 10am start, Madrid was nearer to 9am. The countryside and roads had an extra hour to get nicely warmed up.

The real big difference was Geography. Here’s why.
Madrid 3deg 43mins WEST
Market Bosworth 1deg 24 mins WEST

This means that Madrid is over two degrees further WEST than Market Bosworth.
This means, on the time lines Madrid should be 8 minutes BEHIND Market Bosworth, not one hour ahead.

So, Madrid at 9am is more like Market Bosworth at 7:50am, not 10am. This means that, in comparison to Madrid, the roads etc. around the Market Bosworth area had an extra 2+ hours to warm up nicely.

Will I run Bosworth half again next year? Certainly!


Mike McSharry


  1. Will Ravenhill

    When you put it like that Mike……! What a great blog. My first “Bozzie”, but will definitely do it again! Well done to all who took part.

    • Mike McSharry

      I think that’s Bozzie number 6 for me. Mind you it was also Woodhouse number 7 on Monday!

      • Will Ravenhill

        Fair play Mike- you’re definitely hard core! Wood house looks tough!


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