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iPhone 4 Pictures revisited

swithland quarry

Yesterday, I took a bunch of “Snapshots” with my old iPhone 4S. The pictures on that web page were untouched,

Here are some of the same pictures after a small amount of work with my favourite photo editing software.

The pictures you see on this page are the ‘as taken’ pictures, when you click on them, then they will open much higher resolution, editted pictures, so much larger, images. These files will take quite a bit longer to load up, each one is 8MB.

bradgate iphone 4 may2016 (2)

bradgate iphone 4 may2016 (7)

bradgate iphone 4 may2016 (10)



Combining 40+ years IT admin with the experience of taking thousands of pictures. Also do a bit of running. State of the art SLR and compact cameras along with the 'best of the best' online galleries.


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