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isle of wight

Isle of Wight Coastal Footpath 2013

The Path

“..a fantastic way to explore the Island leading you along many areas of spectacular coastline..”

A rolling challenging walk along the spectacular paths around the island. The area had taken a bit of a beating in the infamous “Valentine Day” storms earlier in the year.
The damage was quite staggering with car parks and buildings washed away, many pathways were closed and others were blocked. The next areas of land slip were often easy to spot.

Almost every type of cliff and coastal erosion was clear to see.

Promenades and piers were blocked or wrecked.

Thousands of tons of cliff face had been demolished by the sea and he storms. The famous Blackgang Chine certainly didn’t escape, as the pictures above show.
How much more of this can “The Needles” survive?

Footpaths have been moved inland numerous times already.

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