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Pictures with an iPhone 4

swithland quarry

stoned stream swithland

I’ve seen it written that the best camera is the one that’s in your hands.

I had to go for a run around Swithland Woods and Bradgate Park today in the early evening.
I decided to take my old iPhone 4S with me, rather than a running watch.

Let’s see how good an old phone is at taking pictures. On this page the images are resized, so the page loads quickly.
If you click on any of the pictures then the full size image appears. On this page the images are not edited, so are as taken.

Tomorrow, a few of the same pictures will be loaded up after some editting.

The pictures aren’t really capturing the weather conditions, which ranged from wet to very wet.

bradgate iphone 4 may2016 (6) (Custom)

Cropston Reservoir, with Burrough Hill in the far distance. Very few visitors to the park venture along these higher paths. Good.
bradgate iphone 4 may2016 (8) (Custom)
This picture, at Old John, gives an idea of the weather conditions.
I must go back and take a picture of this on a day that’s only very wet.
Not very, very wet
bradgate iphone 4 may2016 (5) (Custom)

Looking down from Old John towards Swithland Reservoir

bradgate iphone 4 may2016 (2) (Custom)
Looking towards Old John, from very close to the pond in the picture above

bradgate iphone 4 may2016 (1) (Custom)
Looking towards Old John from the last bit of shelter

bradgate iphone 4 may2016 (10) (Custom)
Swithland quarry, disused, through the wire.
The area around Bradgate Park has some wonderful buildings made from the very pictuersque stones that were cut here

bradgate iphone 4 may2016 (4) (Custom)
On days like these, you stay under cove as long as you can. Once the trees are saturated, it’s time to go!

bradgate iphone 4 may2016 (9) (Custom)
Razor wire at Swithland Woods disused quarry. I visited British Steel at Stalybridge in 1982 to see this stuff being made.
The noise of the place was unbelievable, and I worked in a car factory!

bradgate iphone 4 may2016 (3) (Custom)
Tree canopy in Swithland Woods. I thought I saw some sunlight.




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