Photography Pricing

We try to make our pricing competitive, clear and easy to understand

Extra Items at shoot

Per Person / Item

Extra Items at shoot

Per Person / Item

Single Shoot Session

One off – max. 10 items

Single Shoot Session

One Off

Follow on session

One off – max 10 items

Follow on session

One off

1 Online gallery (up to 100 images)

Your own login to gallery

On site session (up to 10 subjects)

Include Print and web ready images

Include one 4″ * 6″ print for each selected image

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully we can answer your questions here. If not, please get in touch.

What is the on-line gallery?

All session customers will be provided with a secure, on-line gallery for 12 months where you can download or share your images.

What do I need to do?

Please ensure that your staff (for headshots) or items (for product shots) are available at the scheduled times.
Please also provide a suitable location and, if requested, access to power.

What are print and web ready images?

We’ll provide your images in 3 formats 
Low resolution jpegs – these are suitable to use on your web sites
Medium resolution jpegs – these can be used in presentations on large screens
High resolution TIFF files – suitable for use in printed brochures
Your website developer will know the optimum file types / sizes for your web site. Please provide that information as soon as you have it

What is included?

We’ll come to your site (up to 10 miles each way)
Extra miles, including travel time, will be charged at £1 per mile
Any extra out of pocket expenses specific to the task will be invoiced at cost
(parking, accommodation etc)
Specific watermarking on your images will be charged at £10 per type (lo-res, hi-res, tiff etc)

What else can you provide?

Images of many sizes on multiple backgrounds can be provided – posters, boards, canvases.
Please ask for more information.

We work with specialised design studios and can help you achieve that look and fell you want for your organisation.


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