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Segovia Church and Castle

bell on segovia cathedral

segovia castle near madrid

In this blog, I am trying to add a relevant page a day, hopefully of pictures taken that day. The weather was a bit grim today so time to have a glance in the archives.

These pictures have been edited a little bit (or in the case of the bottom one, a little lot with Affinity Photo). Segovia is one of those places that I really want to go back to and have a day of wandering around with my camera. A truly wonderful place.

Segovia Castle truly is one of those “I bet you never knew a building like this really existed”. It’s title is the Alcazar of Segovia and looks like it could be at home as a film set for “Snow White” or even for “Colditz”.

On a tour of the castle, the guide explained that the Kings and leaders of various parts of Spain came together to sign the pact to unite Spain as one Kingdom. It was at that meeting that they agreed on Madrid to be the new capital. The Wikipedia article has much more information on the city.

Segovia is a short bus ride from Madrid and is a truly magical city (along with Toledo and other medieval towns and cities a short bus ride from Madrid).

The picture above shows the Alcazar, filmed form on top of the Cathedral. The picture below shows the Cathedral taken from the Alcazar.

segovia cathedral



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