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This year is THE year I will crack image editing software. Although I’ve been involved with computer since 1979 and bought my first 35mm SLR camera the next year, image editing software has been something which I have failed at, miserably.

So here we are, 2016, just 37 years later. Just about getting there. Being colour blind doesn’t always help.

One thing I’m learning quickly is that the days when buildings look their best, the sky often looks its most boring, so I’m gradually building up a library of sky shots. The pictures on here are not full resolution by any stretch, but the snippet on the “posts” page is from the full resolution picture.

A tip for taking pictures of the sky is to add a polarising filter.
If your lens doesn’t take filters, then try a pair of polarising sunglasses held in front of your camera or phone.

The pictures from the Forth Road Bridge with a compact camera show the benefit of sunglasses!


Mike McSharry


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