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Woodhouse Challenge Images

Taking the theme of “Pictures with my iPhone4” a bit further, the holiday weekend seemed a fairly good time to try making something new.

Today was a good day to run the Woodhouse Challenge route and make a new web page on my running web site.

In summary, the route is Woodhouse Eaves Village, Beacon Hill, Broombriggs Farm Trail, Lingdale Golf Course, Bradgate Park, Swithland, Woodhouse village back to Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall.

Here are a few of the pictures from that run.

On a misty day the rocks at Beacon Hill can take on a very eerie feeling.

beacon hill country park

Many locals know the story of the Bennion families, who donated Bradgate Park to the people of Leicestershire.
Less people know that the Frears donated Broombriggs  much more recently

broombriggs farm trail charles frear

The Woodhouse Challenge route cuts in and out of the Leicestershire round in many places. Much more information about the round (including downloadable maps) can be found at the Leicestershire Footpaths website

Leicestershire Round

Swithland St. Leonard’s Primary School is one of the prettiest school buildings in the county.

Saint Leonards primar school swithland leicestershire

On a previous page I showed the quarry at Swithland Woods. This is one of many cottages in the area made from the produce from the quarry. This picture hasn’t really done it justice.

cottages amde from swithland stone

The challenge route runs alongside the Great Central Way, which was the home to the Top Gear caravan train

great central way

Towards the end of the route, you enter School Lane at the bottom of Woodhouse Village, just past this beautiful thatched cottage.

thatched cottage woodhouse leicestershire



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